We have had record rainfalls here recently leading to flooding of our creek, river, barns and basement!  We are definitely knee deep in mud season and although it’s not my favorite season, I’m happy to not be freezing.

The rain has caused a few problems for us, mainly in the barn where our sows and gilts live and in the walkway of our horse barn.  A few days ago my mare put a foot down and to her surprise and mine she went down 8-10 inches!  The sows have their own indoor swimming pool at the moment, which is not ideal and I’m thankful we can turn them out into the back paddock.  At least we always have a long to-do list in case we ever think we might be bored.


The rain and warmer days also mean that the woods and fields are greening up.  I brought these fern fronds home with me after gathering sap last weekend.  I hope all those new plants survive March, I’m sure we will have a snowstorm or two yet.


On the bright side the sunrises have still been amazing even with rain and storm clouds rolling through every morning.  Grace snapped this picture one morning last week from our kitchen.  One of our favorite things to do is watch the sun come up every morning, after living the first 13 years of our married life deep in the woods we both enjoy all of the open sky we have on this farm.


Although the rain and mud have caused us a few headaches, we are thankful for the mild temperatures and the moisture.  We’ve had seasons of drought, and know to be grateful when the rain falls.

I try to keep this verse in my mind when the to do list starts to feel overwhelming.  Approaching life with gratefulness can change your entire outlook!


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