Little Things.


We are almost through February and the changes I implemented in January now feel like our daily habits.

One of the things that I have noticed in slowing down and simplifying our life again, is that the smallest things can bring the greatest joy.

Our hens have started laying in abundance again, and finding nests full of rich brown eggs still brings a smile to my face as if I were a child.

Hearing a bird sing this morning before it was light out, and knowing that it was a promise of spring, even if we are still in February and March can always bring a snowstorm or two.

Opening windows in the house and letting the warm air breeze through, freshening both our home and our spirits.

Standing in worship, singing, and hearing my youngest sing and not miss a word.

A pile of muddy boots scattered across the side porch, and a trail of muddy clothes through the back hall and into the laundry room, because the children were outside making memories and having adventures.

A picture texted from my dad of new seedlings emerging for our spring gardens.

Shopping for fabric with my oldest daughter.

All of the family heads bowed, in prayer together, giving thanks.

When we take time to be grateful, for even the smallest of things the entire outlook of our lives changes.



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