It’s cold here, really cold, and it’s only going to get colder.   People are freaking out.

Our third child is thrilled, she said to me the other night while we brought horses in from the field that the cold makes her feel more western,  “you know like we live in Alaska, mom.”  Yes, this one is definitely a girl after my own heart.

I’m not sure if I’m a hopeless romantic or merely experience mental breaks with reality, but I think she and I might be on to something. When things are difficult, or the chore is more than you care to do imagining yourself as someone else or somewhere else might just help you get through it.  I distinctly remember enjoying chores more as a child when I imagined myself as Laura Ingalls.  Maybe tonight when I am breaking ice out of water buckets and cleaning frozen manure out of stalls I can imagine that I am somewhere else too . . . somewhere sunny and warm.

The cold has also meant that my husband and I have spent some quality time together visiting while we thawed out hoses in the pig barn with a heat gun.  Not only did we actually get to visit with each other, but if we started to get a little chilly standing there we just turned the heat gun on ourselves for a little bit. . . ok, I did that, I was the one holding the heat gun.

Date night on the farm was quality husband and wife time thawing out pipes in the pig barn.

The kids have braved the cold to ice skate on the frozen manure lagoon, a leftover cement relic from the farm’s previous dairy days.  Don’t worry they are not skating on frozen liquid manure, we cleaned that out a year ago – this is just collected rainwater and it has redeemed itself as the perfect ice rink!




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