So you want to do a renovation?

In 2016 our family purchased a 187 acre farm that had been in my husband’s family since 1950.  We are currently renovating the house, barns and the land.  Pictures speak louder than words in this case so here are a few from around the time that we took possession:


When we started the house had been empty for 8 years, except for the resident raccoons and ground hogs – who were none too happy to hear of their eviction.

We started the first part of April and moved in at the end of August.  As you can see from the pictures the house is in almost original condition, save for some unfortunate paint schemes and kitchen renovation.

Major renovations completed by us to the house included:

  • digging out the basement and crawl spaces and pouring cement floors and half walls
  • plumbing (including new pressure tank, hot water heater, and softener)
  • wiring
  • windows
  • roof
  • 2 new furnaces & air conditioners, all new duct work
  • patching plaster
  • painting
  • stripping and refinishing woodwork and floors
  • adding on a kitchen where the back porch had been
  • jacking up and reinforcing front porch
  • replacing side porch
  • putting the original pantry back in and creating a mudroom and laundry
  • removing a downstairs bathroom and replacing the floor joists that had been rotted out by a leak
  • adding a half bath downstairs and a full bath upstairs

We entered into this with naivety and optimism – looking back at these pictures I wonder what in the world we were thinking.  Kudos to the producers of Fixer Upper and This Old House who make major projects look so easy!  Wait, did I say kudos?  I meant curses!  In all seriousness we are glad we took on this project and happy to say that we have survived it so far.

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